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About your host:

My name is Andy P Reynolds, I arrived at the Danang Signal Co as a 18 yr old PFC in July 1969.  I left one stripe and one year later.  During my tour, I worked first in Logistics as a Repair Part Specialist for the Comm Center, later as the Supply Clerk and as the alternate Arms Room guy.   I did have a knack for getting into a little trouble now and again.  As a SP4 I was once caught in the O Club wearing Cpt bars...  long story.  And in another alcohol related incident Billy W Cinnamon and I were once gassed by the MP's while visiting a off limits area downtown.   Also sharing my hootch was Lester Ross of Iowa, Billy Wayne Cinnamon of Ky, Jerry Tunstill of Tenn, Curtis Gaudet of La and "Prof" Harris of NYC. 

After Vietnam I spent 2 tours in Germany, (Pirmasens & Hanau) a tour in Hawaii, (HHC 2nd BDE), couple months in Chu Chon Korea, the Presidio of San Francisco and a few other fun places. 

Since leaving the service, I've worked as a Business Telephone Installer and Programmerfor many years and currently as a Computer Tech for EDS assigned to a  GM  Plant in Indianapolis.   I am also the host of "Andy's Pepsiholic Haven" which can be found at either or

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