Howard Perry & Terry Carter

top Dave Emmons and Paul Eddinger, center Wes Lindert and Hofarth bottom From Minn.

Terry Carter, Wes Lindert, Howard Perry, Dave Robinson

Bob Keller

Calvin Liller

Wes Linert & guy fm Minn

Calvin Liller, Dave Robinson & Terry Carter

From Viking Land

Dave Robinson

Terry Carter

dreaming in TTY

4 Corners, road parrallel to China Beach, DSC in back

DSC from North West

Corner looking SE towards TTY Maint

Row of Hootchs




Sunset on DSC

Dave Robinson


Best Hootch in DSC

TTY Maint Hootch

TTY Maint hootch

TTY Maint Hootch


Lom & mamasan

Su Lan at the Club

Camera Shy Mama San

EM Club

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